Ages 8+ years

3 progressive levels

4 students per class maximum

More Than A Sport, It's A Lifestyle

Skilled swimmers are prepared for a lifetime of water fun...

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    Learn to swim the Wise way.

    Super Dolphin 1: For beginning swimmers. They learn a relaxed, effective stroke on front and back. Once they can swim 2 lengths backstroke and freestyle with Wise side breathing they are ready for the next level. Next stop: Super Dolphin 2!

    Super Dolphin 2: For swimmers who can complete 2 lengths backstroke and freestyle with Wise side breaths along with exhibiting good form. By improving strength and technique 2 additional lengths of freestyle and backstroke will be gained. Students will also add 2 lengths of breast-stroke and dolphin kicks to their repertoire. Next stop: Super Dolphin 3!

    Super Dolphin 3: For swimmers who can complete at least 4 lengths of freestyle and backstroke and 2 lengths breast-stroke and dolphin kicks. Super Dolphin 3s add 2 lengths of butterfly and breast- stroke to their repertoire and continue to increase strength and distance. Next stop: Racing Dolphin!

Ages 8+ years


Putting Your Skills To The Test

A motivating environment for children who have already learned the 4 competitive strokes. Racing Dolphins prepare for the Riptide or club teams…

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    Racing Dolphin: This 30 minute class is for swimmers who can complete 4 lengths of each stroke (butterfly, backstroke, breast-stroke and freestyle) and show endurance when they swim.

    Riptide Swim Team: Interested in a swim team? Check our our sister club at for more information.


A Little Extra Attention

The extra focus needed for success...

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    30-minute classes with 1–2 students per class. With a slightly higher investment we can provide swimmers living with ADD/ADHD, Autism and other Special Needs the guidance they need. Please call for details.





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